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We believe the Bible is the spoken Word of God. Although human authors wrote it on His behalf, the Bible reflects God's will and His will alone.


The Bible represents the ultimate authority on truth. Any other human statement, writing, or experience falls short of the authority of Scripture. Salvation only occurs through hearing and trusting the message God showed us through the Bible.


We believe only one God exists. He is more than a nice idea or a fuzzy feeling. He is an all-powerful Creator who designed and directs the universe. God formed every good thing: love, peace, mercy, truth. He personifies it all.


No other God lives but God Himself. But we believe God exists in three distinct Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All three Persons of God share equally in power and nature. God is the supreme Ruler, King, and Judge. He deserves worship from everything, including us. 


We believe Jesus was a man born from a teenage girl in a middle eastern village two thousand years ago. We believe this man was the Messiah, the Son of the Living God. 


​What we mean is that Jesus is God Himself. He was miraculously born to a virgin adolescent, lived a life free of wrongdoing, suffered execution, came back to life three days later, and continued to teach over 500 people before returning to Heaven by air.


Jesus is the second Person of the Trinity, but is second to no one. He existed with God from the start, and was never created. Jesus took on human form so He could die for the mistakes of the world. Jesus is as alive today as anything has ever been alive.


We believe people represent God's greatest creation. From the mighty king to hurting hobo, from the ninety-year-old women to the five-minute-old fetus. Life is God's masterpiece. God made humans in His own image. Nothing else boasts this claim, not even angels.


However, sin stained mankind. When Adam and Eve disobeyed in the Garden, it handicapped every part of them. As Adam and Eve's descendants, we inherited their fallen nature. Therefore, all people are sinners from conception. As a result, people sin their entire lives. This defies God's perfect law. The penalty? Death.


We believe God became a man to rescue people from sin and death. To do this, He lived a perfect life (fulfilling God's standard) and died as a criminal despite His innocence. 


When Christ died, it payed for the world's sin. To receive this payment, one must acknowledge his/her sin, request forgiveness, admit that Jesus is God, that He died for them, but lives today.


​A person only receives salvation by God's mercy through faith in Jesus Christ—not by doing any good deeds, including baptism and communion.​


We believe the Holy Spirit is God Himself. Although referred to as the "Third Member of the Trinity," the Holy Spirit is equal in power, position, and personality to God and Jesus. All three are one.


When the Holy Spirit indwells a person or place, God is present there and His nature influences it. The Holy Spirit indwells all people redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, acting as a down payment to Heaven's future glory.


This means the Holy Spirit now influences Christians to live according to God's will, not their own.


We believe this universe is temporary. Everything will someday decay and die. However, those who accepted God's gift of salvation will receive new bodies and dwell with God forever in a New Heaven and New Earth free from sin, pain, and death. However, those who failed to receive God's gift will experience Hell for eternity.

While the details of God's return and the final days are debated, we hold to a literal interpretation of Scripture. We believe that God's promises to His chosen people Israel are not altered or cancelled, but will be fulfilled through Jesus Christ.