The future of our church...

It's been said, "Christianity is only one-generation away from non-existence." There is nothing our church will accomplish--no building, program, or project--that will be as effective over the long-term as discipling children. 

Because of that, over the past year we have made children's ministry at our church a top priority. From ordering state-of-the-art curriculum, to updating our workers with modern safety training, to renovating our nursery, we are doing all we can to make sure that children's ministry at our church is safe, sanitary, nurturing, and fun!

What we offer...

Parents are never obligated to send their kids to any children's ministry service during Sundays. We believe that there is no such thing as "adult church." Church is church. Worship is for all--regardless of age.

However, to engage kids of all ages in the truth of the Bible and what it means to worship, we provide a children's church service during our worship service, as well as a nursery. These programs are led by trained staff-members who have undergone safety

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