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20298 E Perimeter Rd, Bayview, ID 83803




Let's love like Jesus...

We live in a hurting world... but believe in a healing God. What good would we be if we preached the best sermons, and played the best music, but did not love?

Bayview Bible Church exists to love people like Jesus--regardless of their political beliefs, or the local clique they follow. We are not a church for Republicans... we're a church for hurting people looking to be redeemed by Jesus. Because of that, we have no other choice but to love them like Jesus. 

Saving through serving...

We want to make it our goal to serve this community in practical ways. If there's a disaster, we want to be first in line for the relief. If people are in need, we want to be the ones that help. 

The reason we feel so strongly about this is because people learn about Christ through watching other Christians... for better or worse.

Because of that, throughout the year our deacons and deaconesses seek to find ways to love others in practical ways. Because at the end of the day, that's the only way to truly love at all.