“The mission of Bayview Bible Church is to glorify God by making disciples of the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey all the commands of Jesus Christ.”


Our mission statement is taken from Matthew 28:18-20, also known as the Great Commission. Jesus holds all authority, and he has commissioned his church to proclaim him as King and to follow him in joyful obedience in every area of life. Each local church is charged to carry out this commission in their specific place.

At Bayview Bible Church, we seek to live out the Great Commission in our small corner of the world. We go about this in simple, biblical ways. Corporately, our Lord's Day Worship is a key part of our mission. We also meet regularly for Home Group meetings, public worship events, and baptism services. Individually, we encourage and equip families and households to evangelize and minister to their neighbors, coworkers, friends, and the entire Bayview-Athol-Careywood area.

Our hope is that God would bless and empower our efforts so that our community, in every aspect, will be increase in joyful obedience to the Word of God and complete love for Jesus Christ.


At Bayview Bible Church, We Are Committed To...

1. Historical Biblical Christianity.

2. Expositional Preaching Of The Bible.

3. Being Accessible To The Average Person.

4. Addressing The Issues Of Our Day.

5. Equipping Our People For The Work Of Ministry.

6. Following The Leadership Of A Plurality Of Elders.