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How Should Christians Combat Petty Politics?

On Tuesday night, almost 15.9 million people watched President Trump deliver his State of the Union address. In today’s world of the internet, people were not only able to watch the speech, they could discuss it in real time.

During the 78 minutes that Trump took to speak, over 68k related tweets were posted on Twitter. Of those posts, the most common used hashtags were #impeachedpresident, #pettypelosi, and #nancypelosiadisgrace. To put it in perspective, the Kansas City Chiefs, who won the Super Bowl last Sunday, were only 4th in Twitter mentions with the hashtag #chiefskingdomparade.

But the vitriol online only reflected the contempt shown between those in the House chamber on Tuesday. The night saw three democratic legislators walk out in protest, the Speaker of the House ripping Trump’s speech in half, and President Trump (arguably) refusing to shake Pelosi’s hand.

How Should Christians React?

Some American Christians react to this kind of political venom with apathy. To them, they’ve seen it all before, and they think it best to say nothing at all. Others embrace it fully. They see the world as a battlefield that must be won for Christ. They believe Christians can’t afford to pull punches in politics. Time is too short.